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Paul Hawken Drawdown



The 100 most effective solutions to reverse climate change, based on a painstaking research work by leading scientists and policymakers from around the world. 'Climate' is 'hot'. Not only in business and politics, but also 'on the street'. There is also hardly any escape, with that continuous driving rain of extreme weather records, alarming scientific reports, the resounding double Urgenda victory in the climate case against the State, the upcoming climate law, etc. Now more than a decade after 'An Inconvenient Truth' that truth begins to sink in more and more emphatically and in a broader circle, and the mood around it is not likely to become any more positive. Indeed, climate disruption is not only a very drastic but also an extremely urgent problem. However, there are also solutions. Many of them had been around for a long time, but are now gaining in relevance and appeal. Others are new and surprising. The great strength of this book is that an international coalition of eminent researchers, professionals and scientists has identified a collection of 100 realistic and bold solutions to climate change. In addition to twenty promising innovations, the book presents eighty solutions that have already been calculated extensively in the Drawdown project: What is the benefit of the climate? And what - as far as possible - can be said about the required investments and the expected financial return? The result is nothing short of "A Hopeful Truth." If we apply the presented solutions on a global scale, we can not only slow down global warming, but even reach a turning point, where greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere even after a peak. are starting to decline, so the "Drawdown" measures offer a hopeful climate perspective. In addition, they provide a host of other benefits - for our health, safety, prosperity and well-being. So we can turn the current planetary climate crisis into a great opportunity to make our world just and livable. To work!

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