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Olaf Schuiling: Olivine, The Philosopher's Stone



Increasing CO2 emissions is a rapidly growing problem worldwide. The fact that nature itself has been successfully regulating the capture of this climate-threatening gas for billions of years is perhaps new to many. Also, few people know that Olivine plays a crucial role in that process and at the same time, it is a very common rock to find on our planet. Emeritus professor of geology Olaf Schuiling has been researching the attributes of this 'philosopher's stone' that can ensure the life on Earth is preserved for years. Olivine binds CO2. Unfortunately, the current CO2 emissions have become so big that we have to support nature by increasing the usage of Olivine simply by replacing stones and sand with this mineral. Olaf Schuiling discovered and practiced dozens of applications for Olivine on a small scale. The green revolution is within reach and everyone can contribute at a minimal cost.

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