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Mini Big Bag greenSand (16-32 mm)



greenSand XL (16-32 mm) decorative aggregate is a precious split of the outflow rock Olivine. It is very hard and therefore very suitable for heavy loads. greenSand XL has a gray-green color and is broken into split in the quarry, which gives the grain an angular shape. 1 kg of greenSand XL binds 1 kg of CO2 from the air. Applications: - Ground covering of (ornamental) gardens - Walking and cycling paths - Yard, driveway and parking lot. Use in applications such as ornamental split anti-root cloth against weeds. When used on the driveway, etc., you can lay gravel slabs under the greenSand XL for extra stability. Advantages compared to other types of stone: - Adds magnesium to the soil according to the “slow release” principle - Cleans up the air from CO2, reducing climate change.

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Article Price Number
Mini Big Bag greenSand (16-32 mm) € 119,98
Brand General
Toepassing General
Verpakking Big bag
Gradatie 16-32 mm
Co2Reductie 800
Itemcode 152-800-(16-32mm)