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greenSand sand (0-3 mm) 20 kg



With a 20 kg bag of Greengarden Olivine, you can nourish your garden and offset CO2 emissions at the same time. Benefits of Olivine for your garden - Stabilizes the PH value of the soil (PH value increases due to magnesium) - Provides important nutrients (magnesium, manganese and iron) - Counteracts acidification of the soil (no more lime spreading) - Removes green deposits of stones and tiles - Anti-slippery conditions on patio and path - Cleans up the air from CO2, reducing climate change. Greengarden Olivine from Gardenlux is 100% Olivine from greenSand in a handy 20 kilo bag.

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Article Price Number
greenSand sand (0-3 mm) 20 kg € 6,95
Brand General
Toepassing General
Verpakking Small package
Gradatie 0-3 mm
greenSand Inside Gardenlux
Co2Reductie 20
Itemcode 052-20-(0-3mm)