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greenSand potting soil 20 liter



greenSand potting soil is composed of the best peat types. The nutrients come from a special NPK fertilizer with trace elements. greenSand potting soil provides balanced nutrition for 8 weeks. It has specific advantages over regular potting soil. - Stabilizes the PH value of the soil (PH value increases due to magnesium) - Provides extra nutrients (magnesium, manganese and iron) - Counteracts acidification of the soil (no more scattering lime) - Cleans up the air from CO2, contributing to combating climate change. greenSand potting soil contains NO fertilizers!

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Article Price Number
greenSand potting soil 20 liter € 3,95
Brand Home and Garden
Toepassing Home and Garden
Verpakking Small package
Co2Reductie 0,5
Itemcode 020-pot-20l
Ean 8717249620754