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greenSand Olivine sand infill 20kg



Available from January-February 2021 greenSand sand infill. The most important point; When you walk on the artificial turf, and you do not spread sand infill on the artificial turf, the fibers are less likely to stand straight. By using sand infill, your synthetic turf fiber will stay upright for longer. The infill sand weighs down the mat, so that the mat does not move. It looks natural. Longer grass life. For each type of grass we advise you how many kg of sand infill you should use. The greenSand sand infill is supplied in 20 kg bags. - Cleans up the air from CO2, reducing climate change.

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Article Price Number
greenSand Olivine sand infill 20kg € 9,95
Brand SPO
Toepassing SPO
Verpakking Small package
Gradatie 0-200 µ
Co2Reductie 20
Itemcode 050-20-(180-800µ)