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greenSand Jeans Certificate



The easiest way to clean up your CO2 emissions, which prevents climate change, is through clean-up certificates. You can clean up the CO2 carefree by purchasing your greenSand Jeans Certificate. How does it work? * You purchase one or more certificates * You will get, after the payment has been received, your CO2 clearance certificate in PDF format by email * You will receive a label that you can iron on your clothing * We ensure that the amount of CO2 purchased by you is compensated by the spreading of greenSand * Due to weathering, this amount of greenSand will bind CO2 from the air * 42% weather in 100 years

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Article Price Number
greenSand Jeans Certificate € 3,39
Brand General
Toepassing General
Verpakking EM
Certificaten CO2 clean-up certificate
Co2Reductie 34
Itemcode 6100.34