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800 kg Big Bag greenSand Olivine crushed sand



greenSand S is crushed or inlay sand. It is widely used as an underlayment for paving and to sweep in paving once it has vibrated. greenSand S has a high hook resistance, which ensures that pavements remain in place. In addition to being used as a substrate and for sweeping paving, it can also be used for: - Anti-slippery conditions - Green deposits removal from paving - Scattering of grass and artificial turf. 1 kg greenSand S binds 1 kg of CO2 from the air, reducing climate change.

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Article Price Number
800 kg Big Bag greenSand Olivine crushed sand € 119,91
Brand General
Toepassing General
Verpakking Big bag
Gradatie 0-3 mm
Co2Reductie 800
Itemcode 130-800-(0-3mm)