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Invest in Olivine Features of greenSand Stock Certificates

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Features of greenSand Stock Certificates:

  • The fund is designed by certification of shares by greenSand Stock N.V. and contributed and controlled to the STAK (a Controlling body of greenSand Stock Plc.)
  • The STAK issues greenSand Stock Certificates with a nominal value of € 0.01.
  • The Stock Certificates are certified and have no voting rights. After two years they are entitled to a dividend.
  • After two years, the Stock Certificates are tradable. There will be a trading system / platform for this in the future. Until then, transactions go through the greenSand office.
  • greenSand itself does not buy back Stock Certificates.
  • Dividend is paid from 50 euros and can be in:
  • additional Stock Certificates
  • greenSand CO2 Clearance Certificates
  • In kind (greenSand Olivine products)
  • 15% dividend tax is withheld upon distribution.
  • Dividends below 50 euros will be credited to your account and become available as soon as the total exceeds 50 euros.
  • Investment takes place outside of AFM supervision. There is no license and prospectus required for this activity.


Invest in greenSand

  • For the future of our planet;
  • To ensure CO2 removal
  • To get a proven result: 1 kilo of greenSand clears 1 kilo of CO2.

Invest in Olivine so that CO2 can be removed in the way the Earth is already doing this for billions of years. With greenSand, you invest in certified Olivine for a healthy future of our planet. Sprinkled or distributed, for example, as self-binding gravel on footpaths, preferably in the vicinity of (rain)water. Olivine removes CO2 permanently through a natural process called enhanced weathering.

The Registered Share Certificates have a nominal value of one-euro cent and is available for five euros. It is possible to buy multiple certificates for any amount, with a multiple of five euros. Call us on +31(0)652 676 565 or use the contact form, for more information.