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greenSand Olivine Olivine applications for your home & garden
greenSand Olivine Olivine applications for your home & garden

With greenSand Olivine products, you can provide nutrients to your garden and capture CO2 emissions at the same time! Olivine is a durable and natural mineral from which all the greenSand products origin. Organic and easy to use, greenSand products are able to capture and remove CO2 from the atmosphere within a huge variety of applications. Many applications for the same goal. Make your contribution to capture CO2 and make the planet greener!

Plant Care with greenSand Olivine

greenSand Olivine brings a unique feature to your plants. Besides a wide variety of nutrients that make your plants glow, greenSand clears CO2 permanently, even in your living room or garden.

Landscaping with greenSand Olivine

For landscaping, greenSand has many solutions that are easy to use in a wide variety of applications. Our substrates also absorb CO2 and deliver dosed nutrients to make a loose, nutritious soil.

Roof terraces with greenSand Olivine

greenSand Olivine is available in various sizes or on request. greenSand has a greyish green colour. greenSand roofs are a suitable alternative for improving the sustainability of your buildings.