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Carbonfix - Anteagroup CO2 buffer under artificial grass fields

The green community is b(l)ooming

Not only the profit model of greenSand attracts partners in the CO2 cleanup. Your assortment cleans up CO2 with greenSand, which gives your product line a sustainable profit boost. A cool example of partnership is Carbon Fix from Anteagroup. Carbon Fix is a layer of crushed olivine that replaces the usual sports technical lava foundation in the substructure of the field. One ton of Carbon Fix can capture more than one ton of CO2. It responds to CO2 and ensures that the CO2 is recorded into a greenSand CO2 Certificate. This construction has been approved as substructure material for synthetic turf pitches by NOC*NSF.

For example, greenSand is used as a top layer of stones at Excluton, and BVB Substrates offer substrates with Olivine in a special greenSand line. Gardenlux supplies sand, split and gabion chunks of 100% greenSand Olivine under the name Greengarden Olivine.


greenSand Inside

The green community is a growing success with the cleanup of certified CO2. As a partner of greenSand Inside, you give your product sustainability by cleaning up CO2. greenSand offers expertise and experience about the possibilities and applications, and would like to share the necessary technical knowledge about certified Olivine to come up with innovative products such as organic gardening soil enriched with extra fine olivine.


greenSand partners

Antea Group Nederland - International operating engineering and consultancy firm, market leader in outdoor sports facilities. From initiative to realization.

BVB Substrates produces greenSand potting soil, gardening soil and various BVB greenSand substrates under its own label.

ETS Spoor is a partner for the railways.

Gardenlux supplies products such as greenSand Inside under its own label Green Garden Olivine.

Te-Bi provides the delivery of greenSand big bags throughout the Netherlands.