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greenSand partner Hielkema Duurzaam

Getting to a decision maker in cleaning up CO2

greenSand has an independent knowledge platform focused on the demand side of the market, on the decision-makers and focused on policy technique. Our dealers are cooperation partners, we share a unique database, a network organization and communication channels. We aim for as many locations as possible across the Netherlands and prefer to see a diverse network of dealers and collection points. So we are for sale at stone shops, garden centers, gardeners, but also with florists and a country store. The VVV in Enkhuizen is a greenSand location but also Hielkema Duurzaam!

By continuously informing, we ensure recurring sales and that our customers are ambassadors for cleaning up certified CO2. 

The greenSand shelf, VVV Enkhuizen


Simple as greenSand

Become a sale location or pick-up point for greenSand and ...

... join a global consumer trend: help heal the Earth

... get new customers, more sales, good profit margins and all that without financial investment.

... become sure of a more than sustainable assortment

... help to clean up CO2

Interested in selling greenSand? Then contact us.

Apostolic Society receives a greenSand CO2 Certificate

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