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greenSand = Cleaning up certified CO2 Climate Change will not wait

Sprinkle against CO2

To distribute global emissions fairly, we have to produce 91% less CO2 in the Netherlands. Only in this way can we limit the warming to 2 degrees celsius. "It is very good to link concrete goals to climate policy", says Detlef van Vuuren of the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (Trouw, 2017). "Every ton of CO2 that goes into the atmosphere is bound to bother us for at least two centuries."

greenSand CO2 Cleanup Certificates compensate for CO2 emissions and help against climate change. Every greenSand Cleanup Certificate of 42 euros is cleaning up 1 ton of CO2!


Healthy perspective on CO2

The numbered greenSand CO2 Certificate gives you the guarantee that greenSand will be distributed. After purchasing a greenSand CO2 Certificate, greenSand distributes the certified olivine. greenSand selects the locations, but you can also request a location yourself.

Calculate your CO2 emissions;

  • Buy one or more greenSand CO2 Certificates in accordance with your CO2 emissions;
  • Nature removes CO2 through natural weathering of greenSand Olivine;
  • greenSand spreads olivine to the value of the CO2 Certificate.

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Calculate CO2

greenSand can record both the 'Slow Release' of the olivine weathering process and the value of CO2 in negative emissions. greenSand products in pure form within civil (re) design projects makes CO2-neutral execution possible. CO2 can be reduced to 100% by compensating for the expected CO2 emissions with greenSand CO2 Certificates.


Save a CO2 Certificate

If you opt for greenSand when building your garage path, parking space or sports field, greenSand always keeps track of how much CO2 you clean up. If you have sprinkled a ton of certified olivine, you will receive a greenSand CO2 Certificate worth 42 euros.


250,000 kg of CO2

Printing as inspiration for sustainability. Within ten years Norbert van Schie, director of Drukkerij de Bij, completed the transition to the most green printing company. "As a printer you always think about quality. Quality of the environment, energy and water, to the environment in which our employees print and finish. In short, we produce printed matter that inspires you green for a sustainable future." Drukkerij de Bij has already disposed of 250,000 kg of CO2 in the last 4 years with greenSand CO2 Certificates.

CO2 Calculator

Calculate your personal CO2 emissions

Team up against CO2

Locations of CO2 greenSand certificates