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How the green dream of Eddy Wijnker started with a stone... greenSand
Falling stones

Founder and CEO of greenSand Eddy Wijnker, "In 2008 I lived and worked in China and saw, after a massive, shallow earthquake hit central China on May 12, green coloured stones falling down the hill. Curious as I am, I picked up the stone. It turned out to be Olivine, an igneous rock. Olivine is formed in the magma which is rich in magnesium and arrives during volcanic eruptions as lava.


"Back in the Netherlands, I joined Olaf Schuiling, emeritus professor of geochemistry at the Utrecht University. According to Schuiling, the Chinese stone is called Olivine and it could have a key role in reversing Climate Change. The peculiarity of this marvelous stone is that it is able to remove CO2 permanently with a simple process called enhanced weathering! I also met Nico Wissing, garden designer and Founder of the “NL Green Label” who was looking for sustainable and regenerative garden products. Schuiling and Wissing were sharing their experience and knowledge of the magic stone “Olivine”. That is how my green dream was awakened."


"Inspired by the natural simplicity with which Olivine is clearing CO2 and having studied the research of Professor Dr. Olaf Schuiling, my mission now is to make Olivine accessible to everyone so that everyone could capture CO2 through enhanced weathering like the Earth has been doing for millions of years.

​Thinking back to my primary school “The Hour-glass” the company name and logo were born! It became my green mission to sprinkle Olivine for the future of our planet. The simple, natural, and age-old method of binding CO2 with Olivine is a perfect solution for reversing Climate Change, which we can only achieve together."