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We should produce 91% less CO2 to limit warming to 2 ℃ Distribute global emissions fairly.

Let the earth help to save the Earth

The fact that nature has been cleaning up CO2 for billions of years is probably new to many. And probably, lots of people also don't know that the mineral Olivine plays a crucial role in that process. For more than fifty years, the geologist Olaf Schuiling has been working to explore all the aspects of the Climate Change.

"Since the beginning of the Earth's life, about 400 million tons of CO2 per year have been ejected by volcanoes and if that had remained in the atmosphere, no life would have been possible. But there is life, that means there must be a process that has caught almost all the CO2."


Sequestering CO2 with Olivine by enhanced weathering

Olaf Schuiling: "It sounds prosaic, but the process is weathering of rocks. Rocks are reacting with water and CO2 and produce hydrogen carbonate products. Through the rivers, they flow towards the oceans, where corals, shellfish and plankton use the products to create calcareous limes. When the organisms die, their calcareous limbs fail to the seabed, where they become limestone. Limestone contains almost all the CO2 that has been emitted by volcanoes. That's how I got the idea of Olivine, a very common mineral that gets powerful with enhanced weathering reaction. You can read everything about olivine in my book: Olivine, the Philosopher's Stone."

source Utrecht University 

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