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Prof.Dr. Olaf Schuiling, olivine expert: 'Let the earth help save the Earth'
greenSand in your Home & Garden Landscaping with greenSand Olivine
greenSand in your Home & Garden greenSand Applications for your Home & Garden
greenSand in your Home & Garden Natural Lime Substitute
greenSand is Clean up certified CO2 how much CO2 has greenSand already removed?

greenSand is cleanup certified CO2

Is this Rock the Key to Climate Change?

"In 2008 I lived and worked in China and saw after the middle of the country was affected by a shallow, heavy earthquake - green coloured stones were falling down the hill, and this stone nearly hit my head..." -

Eddy Wijnker, Founder of greenSand

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Garden Inspiration with greenSand Olivine

Olivine isn't only a noble hero removing carbon dioxide, it is also the practical and beautiful stone which can refresh the look of any garden and give a powerful boost to your soil. Depending on your aim, you can choose different Olivine gardening products of different particle size.
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greenSand is closer than you think

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greenSand for business and private customers

greenSand offers a range of products for any need. Whether you design your own garden or the one of your customers, greenSand is always ready to supply you with Olivine-enriched high-quality gardening products. All our products, such as gardening and potting soil or lime substitutes, contain the CO2-binding mineral Olivine. We also provide Olivine decorative aggregates in bulk for your construction project. Thus we would like to encourage you to work in a smart and environmentally conscious way.

Private customers can order from the webshop or from one of our greenSand dealers in the Netherlands.

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Businesses can request a quotation from greenSand for the best prices for their company.

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CO2 Cleanup Certificates

You can still compensate for your CO2 emissions even when you don't have green fingers! With greenSand CO2 Cleanup Certificates you do it extremely easily. After buying a certificate, greenSand sprinkles the purchased amount of Olivine on your behalf somewhere on Earth, where it immediately starts to sequester CO2! You will receive a personalized certificate in your name, and you can see on the greenSand world map where your Olivine CO2 is being removed.

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View all the products in our webshop. As an alternative, you can also get greenSand via or one of our dealers in the Netherlands

Sales Locations

View our greenSand dealers and sales locations in the Netherlands. Do you live outside of the Netherlands? Then order via (only NL, BE and LU). Want to order from or deliver to other nations within Europe (such as the UK)? Please contact us directly for the best and most up-to-date offers.

greenSand partners

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