A shaky start

It all started in 2008 when Eddy Wijnker (at the time working as a sound engineer) came into contact with the rock Olivine during an earthquake.

"In 2008 I lived and worked for my previous company in China On May 12 we were hit by a severe, shallow earthquake where I saw green colored stones rolling down the slope. Curious as I am, I picked up a few. It was the mineral Olivine my colleague told me, what when in contact with rainwater CO₂ captures." - Eddy Wijnker

From soundman to sandman

Back in the Netherlands, Eddy came into contact with Professor Olaf Schuiling, Emeritus Professor of Geochemistry at the University of Utrecht and Delft. Olaf told Eddy all about how the mineral works and why Olivine is the key to climate change.

"I trust science and my gut feeling. And I was convinced. I used to be a hippie in the sound world that claimed to be going to save the world. At the age of 60, I put my career in sound and decided to live up to my words." - Eddy Wijnker


Inspired by the natural simplicity with which the mineral Olivine clears CO₂ and the increasing urgency of the climate problem, Eddy Wijnker founded greenSand in 2009.

"The earth has the solution to the climate problem. Together we just have to give it more surface area. With greenSand I want to give everyone the chance to help the earth save itself. Together we will tackle climate change counter" Eddy Wijnker

the hourglass

The hourglass has the meaning of a ticking clock. Time is running out. That something needs to be done is becoming more and more apparent year after year. But that time also runs out, that realization is less strong.

"I used to go to primary school "The Hourglass". Thinking back to the past and the urgency of the climate problem, the hourglass an ideal logo for greenSand." - Eddy Wijnker.

Now is the time

You've probably heard it before: there is no planet B. It's a fact. We must all act now or it will be too late. Think about the future of generations after us. Think about the future of our planet. Do you also contribute?

Here's how you can help:

Clean up CO₂ yourself

Help the earth and create more surface. Discover all products and applications.

Compensate your CO₂

We scatter the Olivine for you. In this way we create more surface area together.

Become a co-owner

Become part of the solution. Buy a registered share in greenSand.

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