Project details

Location: South Holland
Clean-up potential: 16,000 tons of CO₂

Along the railway Rotterdam-The Hague

Clear the chimney paths of CO₂

In order to reduce the CO₂ emissions of the Hoekse Lijn project, it was decided to use greenSand as CO₂ cleaner. The semi-hardening of olivine-rich rock was applied to the two 15-mile stretches along the track. The Hoekse Lijn was the first railway in the Netherlands where this product was successfully applied.

Characteristics of greenSand chimney path material

• Captures CO₂ in a weathering process
• 100% natural
• Complies with ProRail SPC000173-3.
• Gradation 0-8 mm

Interview with RET Pieter van der Tang

Corner line swallows CO₂


RET, provider of public transport in the Rotterdam region - The Hague argued in 2016 for the use of olivine stones in public transport. They found a good partner in contractor ETS Spoor, who installed a total of 16,000 tons of greenSand Olivine on the inspection path.


A 13 cm thick layer of greenSand inspection path material has been applied over a length of 24 km on two strips along the track. This is compacted to 10 cm. This results in a stable surface for the chimney path that, over time, removes about 16,000 tons of CO₂ from the air and removes it permanently.

Less weeds

An additional advantage for RET is that the olivine-rich rock transmits heat well, making it more difficult for seeds to germinate. With the greenSand chimney path material, a sustainable material has been found that removes CO₂ and also prevents the growth of weeds.

Clearing CO₂ from the train

One of the main civilian applications of greenSand is the use of olivine-rich rocks along the track.

It would be great for travelers to have CO₂ permanently cleared while they are on the train and transported comfortably to their destination. greenSand offers a solution to mitigate the effects of climate change.

To continue and improve the economic system, it is necessary to limit the impact of infrastructure and public transport systems due to the enormous risk of CO₂ emissions. Consider how easy it is to remove CO₂ by porphyry or other materials with the CO₂-removing greenSand Olivine?

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