Olivine more sustainable than CO2 storage in soil

UTRECHT, 12 Dec 2009
Addition of finely ground olivine to garden soil, potting soil, and as semi-hardening for road and roof covering more sustainable and, in the long run, cheaper than storage of CO2 in the ground. This is what Eddy Wijnker of Olivine Group says. On Saturday afternoon, Eddy handed out a thousand bags of greenSand to the Dutch delegation for the climate conference in Copenhagen. The delegation, including Minister Jacqueline Cramer of VROM, departed with a special Copenhagen Express from Utrecht to the Danish capital. ‘At the moment the absorption of a ton of CO2 by finely ground Olivine costs us 65 euros,' Wijnker calculates. “The more Olivine is used for road construction, roofing and the garden, the price will drop by leaps and bounds.” An opinion shared by Professor Olaf Schuiling of Utrecht University, who was the first to demonstrate the CO2-reducing effect of Olivine and has been arguing for the large-scale use of olivine for years.
By distributing scattered bags of olivine, greenSand wants to bring the mineral to the attention of politicians, citizens and entrepreneurs. With 640,800 tons of Olivine, CO2 with 0.8 Megaton can be cleaned up. This amounts to spreading 0.2 mm greenSand over an area of ​​1.068 km2 (one third of the province of South Holland).

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