greenSand at the Limits

greenSand potting soil and greenSand garden soil is now available at tree nursery and gardening company De Limieten with a showroom location at Naarderstraat 298a in Huizen.

De Limieten is known for growing and selling large mature trees for any outdoor space. In 35 years, the nursery has grown into a complete green company with the creation of Limieten gardens, characteristic gardens to be enjoyed immediately through the mature plants.

With the addition of greenSand products to the Limieten range , it is also possible to design and implement a completely CO2 neutral garden. In this way you contribute to reducing the greenhouse effect with your garden. In addition, greenSand products provide healthy and beautiful greenery.

It is often thought that winter is not a time to work in the garden. Yet January is the month to give your garden a new look and to start spring with a sustainable and luxurious garden to enjoy immediately.

Are you interested in a garden design for your garden? Then you can contact the Limits Garden Coach.

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