Sustainable garden at the St. Martinus school in Megchelen

Next to Garden TS in Megchelen, is the primary school St. Martinus, where 12 tons of Olivine in grade 2-6 has been strewn. This is the first school in the Netherlands to which GardenTS ​​greenSand supplied olivine. In the garden is the first green sustainable outdoor classroom in the Netherlands, where lessons are given when the weather is nice. In the outdoor classroom there is an insect box, a bat box and bird nest boxes. The garden is a design by Nico Wissing. He has used all "honest" materials in this garden, such as green oak, glass, pottery and olivine-rich rock. Olivine has a double effect, as a sustainable soil improver and removes CO2 in a natural way. The garden is opened by the well-known gardener Lodewijk Hoekstra.

See also the blog post on Nico Wissing's site

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