The First Olaf Schuiling Award

A prize has finally been named after Olaf Schuiling, the pioneer of the use of Olivine to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This prize, created by the Climate CleanUp Foundation , consists of a beautiful statue of wood and Olivine, made by Fiction Factory and a cash prize to to fund further research. The Olaf Schuiling prize goes to promising innovations in the field of natural CO2  removal using the unique mineral Olivine.

This year the prize was awarded to the Belgian scientist, Ruben Gerrits, who conducted research into the influence of fungi on the mineral Olivine for his dissertation.

The Award was presented by our greenSand director Ed Wijnker. Ruben couldn't be there physically. that is why the statue was received by the daughters of Olaf Schuiling, Marieke and Floor, and Ruben watched with an online connection.

Olaf Schuiling Award ceremony by <t25 > founder Eddy Wijnker

The award ceremony was part of an evening full of inspiring stories and an exchange of ideas on how "The Philosopher's Stone" can lead us to a world where the CO2 surplus is permanent cleaned up

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