Welcome to the world of the Wilde Weelde on Appeltern. You are currently walking over greenSand Olivine with your shoes. This grey-green stone is not only beautiful but also has a very special and unique property. Every kilo of greenSand Olivine permanently clears up a kilo of CO2!

Whaat!?! A stone that clears up CO2???

You read that right, our stones clean up CO2! And they have more than 4.5 billion years of experience. This is in fact one of the most important ways in which the earth has managed to purify the air from CO2 for billions of years.

How it works?

The operation is quite simple. Every raindrop contains CO2 and as soon as this drop is in contact with the rock olivine, the CO2 in the water is converted into nutrients for the plants through a natural reaction. This process is called weathering and can be compared to the rusting of iron. For a full explanation see the video of Kassa Groen:


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