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greenSand Olivine sport applications greenSand Olivine Sand Infill
greenSand Olivine sport applications greenSand Olivine Sand Infill
greenSand Olivine Equestrian Sand Coming soon...

With greenSand Olivine products, it is possible to create an artificial grass stabilizing sand infill that could be applicable for sports fields, playgrounds and landscaping. By replacing all the sand and stones with greenSand Olivine, you create CO2 removing projects.

Sports and nature are interlinked therefore improving and respecting the environment is necessary for providing a safe and sustainable future and removing CO2 from the atmosphere. Benefits are for both Earth and sport. Those are achieved by providing an immersive and at the same time regenerative for spirits experience close to nature. This could be very useful to achieve a best performance!

greenSand Olivine Sand Infill

greenSand Olivine is an innovative product within the sand Infill options. Just imagine, how wonderful it is to remove CO2 at your local sports field! The more your children and sporters run on the sport fields, the faster the CO2 uptake goes! greenSand grains love to be in motion, and therefore, they make a perfect fit for your sports club! greenSand sand infill is used for stabilization of your (artifical) grass fields, and is an important part of the performing top layers. 100% natural and with a CO2 eliminating impact; Olivine infill is a fantastic solution.



greenSand Olivine products are able to offer solutions also for baseball playground and landscape adding the special and unique feature of capturing and removing CO2 from the atmosphere. 

For instance, one of the major applications of greenSand Olivine products that could be applied to baseball playground is a warning gravel lane at the border of the fields. With Olivine, it would be able to enhance a process of CO2 capturing. This could transform your sports into a zero environmental impact activity with an organic natural solution

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greenSand Golf appplications

Olivine products are perfect for golf fields! In particular, they are suitable for creating golf hazards on the field. Moreover, greenSand products of self-binding gravel match really well with the walking paths at the entrance or on the cars’ road and are able to capture and clean up CO2 from the atmosphere! 

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KIWA Certified

greenSand Sand Infill meets the measured values of the tests carried out to meet the specifications of the NOCNSF-M4 a. Meaning, the grain of sand is more than 80% round. The unique attribute of greenSand is reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere by capturing it with the mineral greenSand Olivine, which is a natural way to clear CO2. greenSand offers certified Olivine and sells CO2 cleanup certificates with the help of the research of emeritus professor Olaf Schuiling, research institute Deltaris, and Plan B CO2.

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