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Subscribe for regular carbon removal with greenSand! Subscriptions
250 kg of CO2 removed monthly Sand
500 kg of CO2 removed monthly Split
750 kg of CO2 removed monthly Pebble
1,000 kg of CO2 removed monthly Boulder

Compensate for the CO2 emissions with greenSand Cleanup Subscriptions!

We ensure that the portion of Olivine that you purchase with greenSand Cleanup Subscriptions is sprinkled on some location on Earth so that kilograms or even tons of carbon dioxide could be removed from the atmosphere! Olivine is the mineral with a unique power: every kilo of this rock captures one kilo of CO2 as a part of the enhanced weathering reaction. So, the more Olivine you sprinkle, the more carbon dioxide you remove permanently.

With greenSand you have a chance to select different kinds of subscription packages depending on how much CO2 you would like to remove. As a proof of your efforts, you will receive a certificate on your own name with the amount of carbon dioxide that is removed thanks to your contribution. On our greenSand World Map you will se the exact location of where the Olivine was spread for you!

Choose your subscription in our shop

greenSand Sand subscription

Remove a monthly footprint of 250 kg CO2 with the greenSand sand subscription.

greenSand Split subscription

Remove a monthly footprint of 500 kg CO2 with the greenSand split subscription.

greenSand Pebbles subscription

Remove a monthly footprint of 750 kg CO2 with the greenSand pebble subscription.

greenSand Boulder subscription

Remove a monthly footprint of 1000 kg CO2 with the greenSand boulder subscription.

Why should I get a greenSand Cleanup Subscription?

Reduce CO2 emissions consistently

Having arranged a subscription, you are never afraid to forget about getting a new greenSand Cleanup Certificate. You automatically get certificates on a monthly basis which means that your positive environmental impact will be continuous and therefore, especially significant.

Choose the right amount of CO2 to remove

The Cleanup Certificates are very customizable. Depending on the amount of CO2 you want to remove, you can choose different certificates with various amounts and structure of Olivine that will be sprinkled to clean the atmosphere. Plans available both for private households and businesses.

Become a Sustainability hero with no extra effort

Getting a greenSand Cleanup Certificate is, perhaps, the easiest way ever to combat climate change. You neither have to spend time nor change your lifestyle. We sprinkle Olivine for you while you get a Certificate which proves that you did compensate for the CO2 emissions of your household.

Subscription packages