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By Climate Cleanup Foundation Second Global Olivine Working Webinar

Global Enhanced Weathering Webinar run by Climate Cleanup

Climate Cleanup Foundation is one of the existing partners of greenSand. They involve people ready to reverse climate change by drawing down CO2 with natural climate solutions and introducing the new nature economy.

Climate Cleanup organized this webinar which is an informal bespoke scientific and entrepreneurial gathering of professionals working on enhanced weathering of olivine and other minerals as a scalable climate solution. The event program covers a wide range of speakers from Tasmania, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Canada etc. They prepared presentations on a wide topic of olivine mineralization including mine tailings, marine and terrestrial mineralization. Hence, the webinar has the following goal: to have a discussion and get the awareness of the various research topics concerning the powerful stone. Eventually, the intention is to turn this discussion into a business case.

18 researchers in total presented their discoveries. Please feel free to download the presentations which are interesting for you below.

Click on the map to see all locations of where research is being conducted. map locating all olivine research

Help to compensate the footprint of the congress with greenSand CO2 removal certificates

Thank you for your participation in the second global Olivine conference and for your compensation efforts to make this a CO2-neutral event. This certificate verifies and guarantees the following:

  • CO2 will be sequestered by the application of Olivine Sand Infill on sport fields

  • The removal of 80kg CO2 in total, of which 68% will be sequestered within 100 years

  • Your donation allows children to exercise on CO2-removing sport fields

  • You can find your carbon removal location on the greenSand World map and watch your efforts come to life!

    General description of the field. Comparison with Accelerated program

    Speaker: Pol Knops

    Affiliation: Independent researcher

    Download pdf


    Practical laboratory testing methods to assess the dual opportunity for carbon capture and AMD mitigation

    Speaker: Rhys Savage

    Affiliation: Cardiff University

    Download pdf

    Introducing Project Carbdown

    Speaker: Jelle Bijma

    Affiliation: Drawdown Initiative

    Download pdf

    Monitoring Pedogenic Inorganic Carbon Accumulation in Agricultural Soils

    Speaker: Rafael Santos

    Affiliation: University of Guelph

    Download pdf

    Carbon dioxide removal potential of waste materials from metal and diamond mining

    Speaker: Liam Bullock

    Affiliation: University of Oxford

    Download pdf

    Fungal iron uptake impacts olivine dissolution

    Speaker: Ruben Gerrits

    Affiliation: Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing

    Download pdf

    ESW pot experiments with crops

    Speaker: Sara Vicca

    Affiliation: University of Antwerp

    Download pdf

    Enhanced silicate weathering in coastal systems

    Speaker: Filip Meysman

    Affiliation: University Antwerp

    Download pdf

    Delft field trials. Modelling. Marine experiments

    Speaker: Jos Vink

    Affiliation: Deltares

    Download pdf

    Webinar introduction

    Speaker: Sven Jensen

    Affiliation: Climate Cleanup

    Commencing the assessment of Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement in Australia

    Speaker: Lennart Bach

    Affiliation: University of Tasmania

    Enhanced rock weathering and CO2 mineralization within kimberlite mine residues

    Speaker: Ian Power

    Affiliation: Powergeolab

    Project Setup and current state

    Speaker: Grace Andrews

    Affiliation: Project Vesta

    Ocean Alkalinity enhancement - what did and what didn’t work so far

    Speaker: Carolin Loescher 

    Affiliation: University Southern Denmark

    Experimental research on enhanced silicate weathering and biochar combinations

    Speaker: Emily te Pas

    Affiliation: Wageningen University

    Material Logistics and Broadacre Application

    Speaker: Ryan Brophy

    Affiliation: V6 Agronomy