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Let your best friends contribute to CO2 removal with greenSand! Pets

Did you know?

Where do these CO2 emissions come from?

Of course, like all the living creatures, our pets emit carbon dioxide as a part of their life cycle. However, the biggest proportion of their carbon footprint comes exactly from their diet. It is true that both cats and dogs prefer fresh meat over vegetables, for example. In fact, a fifth of the world's meat and fish is eaten by pets. And sustaining this nutrition requires a lot of resources


Meat industry and its CO2 footprint

Pets' diet mostly consists of beef, pork and chicken. This is how much carbon dioxide an individual animal produces per year.

Compensate for your pet's CO2 footprint with greenSand Cleanup Certificates!

We all love our pets, no matter how much CO2 they cost us. But we also love our home: planet earth. With the greenSand Cleanup Certificate you create a win-win-situation!

How does it work? It is extremely simple. First, you buy a certificate on your name. We ensure that the portion of Olivine that you purchase with the certificate is sprinkled on some location on Earth so that kilograms or even tons of carbon dioxide can be removed from the atmosphere! Olivine is the mineral with a unique power: every kilo of this rock captures one kilo of CO2 as a part of the enhanced weathering reaction. So, the more Olivine you sprinkle, the more carbon dioxide you clean. Depending on what kind and how many pets you have, you can choose an amount of CO2 that you want to compensate. Now all you have to do is contact us via the button below, indicating the amount of CO2 you want to offset with your greenSand Pet Certificate. We are happy to help you create your personal Pet Certificate!

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...because he won't be happy to decrease his daily chicken quota