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greenSand CO2 cleanup certificates Remove CO2 permanently from the air
greenSand CO2 cleanup certificates ... and make the air clean again!

Remove your CO2 emissions with greenSand cleanup certificates!

We ensure that the portion of Olivine that you purchase with greenSand Cleanup Certificates is sprinkled on some location on Earth so that kilograms or even tons of carbon dioxide could be removed from the atmosphere! Olivine is the mineral with a unique power: every kilo of this rock captures one kilo of CO2. So, the more Olivine you sprinkle, the more carbon dioxide you clean permanently.

With greenSand you have a chance to choose different amounts of CO2 removal starting from 1 ton. As a proof of your efforts, you will receive a certificate on your own name with the amount of carbon dioxide that is removed thanks to your contribution. Each certificate has an unique number with a location where you can find your own CO2 cleanup location!

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Why should we remove CO2?

Global warming

Greenhouse gases, such as CO2 are the main cause of the greenhouse effect which stands for absorbing heat by the atmosphere and world average temperature rise. This may eventually lead to the rise of the World Ocean water level.

Air cleanliness

Increased amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has also caused air pollution. This poses a threat to those experiencing difficulty breathing, and can also damage lungs long-term. This is also the cause of smog in big cities.

Plants mutation

Plants absorb CO2 as part of their photosynthesis process, therefore, an increase of the gas in the air also causes changes in their growth patterns such as mutations in their natural reactions towards pests, weather conditions etc.