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Let our little humans make a big impact with greenSand! Baby

Did you know?

Taking care of your baby also means the increase in CO2 emissions for at least 2.5 years. We never think about it, but the annual carbon footprint from only one baby is huge. To raise a child we need to feed, clean and entertain them which creates extra pollution in the air.

The carbon footprint of our babies

The figures above show the CO2 emissions only from one baby and only for one year. There were over 140.1 million births worldwide in 2019, and having multiplied this number by 11 tons leads to a total amount of 1,541,100,000 tons CO2. This shows how influential the environmental effect of our babies actually is. It is a fact that we as humanity have to find ways to combat climate change and clean up the atmosphere from this excess of carbon dioxide. However, it is also true that finding eco-friendly substitutes for traditional diapers and baby food will take years. And we have to act now if we want to save the planet for these very babies.


Compensate for the CO2 emissions with greenSand Cleanup Certificates!

We ensure that the portion of Olivine that you purchase with greenSand Cleanup Certificates is sprinkled on some location on Earth. With this certificate you remove 800 kg of CO2, which compensates the CO2 emissions of all the diapers of one baby. How it works? The mineral behind the carbon removal process is called Olivine. Its unique power is that every kilo of this rock captures one kilo of CO2 as a part of the enhanced weathering reaction. So, the more Olivine you sprinkle, the more carbon dioxide you clean.

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Track the sprinkled Olivine

greenSand World is the first map ever that allows you to see the exact location of your efforts to compensate for CO2 emissions. The data is being constantly updated. Moreover, you can also view the amount of carbon dioxide that has been cleaned from a location so far. Just zoom in and click on the spot.

greenSand World Map

Clean air for our children!

The number of infants suffering from breathing problems is increasing each year. This is mostly related to the currently poor ecological situation, namely CO2-polluted air. With the Olivine capturing CO2, you ensure that the new generations will still be able to breathe in clean air and remain healthy throughout their life. Olivine starts removing CO2 immediately once it gets into contact with this gas and water and may continue filtering the air for millions of years. That's how the Earth cleans itself!