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Businesses should always be updated on the most recent sustainability issues. Learn how you may position your company as eco-friendly and about the contribution you can make to the Sustainable Development Goals.


No matter if you own a firm or just a house with a dog, you can always contribute to CO2-cleanup. View subscription plans for greenSand Certificates and learn about the benefits of consistent CO2 removal.

Cleanup Certificates

Did you know that you can clean the atmosphere from CO2 without even standing up from your couch? What is a Cleanup Certificate? What is so cool about it? Check out this page and get all the answers.


We all love dressing up for diverse occasions. However, filling up our closet with clothes also means increasing our CO2 emissions drastically. How can we compensate for this? Take a look at our Clothes webpage.


With the birth rate constantly rising, the CO2 emissions are increasing as well. The environmental impact of such small creatures is huge. Learn about how you can decrease the carbon footprint with greenSand.


You will be shocked by how much CO2 we release just with having a pet. It is problematic to care for pets in a sustainable way. Read how Cleanup Certificates can help while compensating for their CO2-emissions.

What is Carbon Removal?

Carbon dioxide removal (CDR) is the process of capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and locking it away for decades, centuries or even millennia. This process is crucial for slowing down and reversing climate change, and there are many different methods of carbon removal. greenSand removes CO2 by enhanced weathering (mineralisation) of Olivine rocks. With greenSand Cleanup certificates and subscriptions you can compensate your CO2-emissions and reduce your personal CO2-footprint. For businesses, greenSand offers tailor-made solutions for carbon removal to help your business become carbon neutral or even CO2-negative.